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While the economic toll of COVID-19 on the music industry is often discussed, less talked about is the psychological impact which the lost "concert experience" has on both fans and artists alike.

Here George Howard checks in on how artists are dealing with their reality, and what the future might have in store. Art is indeed an empathy machine, but, like any machine, often it needs a tune-up or a complete overhaul. Often, machines need this type of service after they break down or overheat, and it certainly feels at this point that everything is breaking down and overheating….at the same time.

The purpose of my COVID-19 columns is to try to present best practices and spur conversations around the reality of what it is to create art and sustain artistic careers during a time when “things fall apart; the center cannot hold.”

  • Release Date
    August 22nd
  • Genres
    Pop, Country
  • Artists
    Selena Gomez

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